WARNING: Is “Procrassination” Killing Your Business/Career?

A couple of days ago on Facebook and Twitter, I coined a new word “procrassination” – the untimely death of your business/career due to your inability to take decisive action now! The response from followers was overwhelming. Apparently, it struck a chord with many...

  • Do you often put off your most important tasks until later, while you fill your day with the emergencies of others and the jobs you know are not really that important?
  • Do you lie to yourself and say that you will have more time tomorrow to start the task and do it properly?
  • Do you fool yourself into believing that you work better under pressure when the deadline is imminent?
  • Do you hesitate and worry when you need to make a decision?
It has often been said that hard work is really just the easy work that you chose not to at the proper time. If you often see yourself in these stressful, low productivity situations, then it is imperative that you break the procrastination habit once and for all. The first step is identifying that procrastination is an issue – why and when do you procrastinate? Here are a few of the most common situations to consider:
  • Waiting for the right/perfect time
  • Lack of clear goals and priorities
  • Underestimating the time required to complete tasks
  • Uncertain tasks and/or outcomes
  • Lack of control – a sense the tasks are imposed on you from outsideP
  • Poor decision making skills
  • Fear of failure/success
  • The need to be perfect in the execution of the task
To make lasting change to deeply ingrained habits (like procrastination) using willpower and positive affirmations alone is not realistic............Everyone knows that positive thinking is undependable and produces inconsistent results, at best. The self-image on the other hand underpins our level of emotional intelligence (EQ), which is now recognised as being an even more important measurement for success than the IQ. It has been scientifically proven that our brain circuits take engrams or memory traces, and produce neuro connections only if they are bombarded with the information for 21 days in a row. This means that our brain does not accept ‘new’ data or habit changes unless they are repeated each day for at least 21 days, without missing a day. The subconscious mind can only ACT or CREATE based upon what is of VALUE – and it is this value component that is influenced by our map of reality, our habits and the questions that we repeatedly ask ourselves. Remember, 99% of what we do as human beings is purely habit – good or bad. And these habits can be removed, retrained or instilled in the mind by consistently delivering the right information directly to the subconscious over a period of at least 21 consecutive days. Your mind is a natural goal seeking mechanism and you are always successful at getting exactly what the mind thinks that you want. That is why the quality of your habits and questions directly affect your decisions, your actions, your results and ultimately your life!

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