“Rhondalynn’s message is the antidote the ‘secret.’ In fact, she is the welcome ambassador of the ‘Un-Secret.’”
Peter Spann
CEO, Freedom Fox

“This book shows through real experience and the science of the mind, how attitude and the meaning we attribute to events can conquer difficulties, inspire greatness and transform lives. Learn how to harness the incredible power and potential that lies within all of us.”
Allan and Barbara Pease
Best selling authors of The Definitive Book of Body Language

“A moving, inspirational book that is remarkably well researched on how to find more success in your life.”
Brendan Nichols
Author of How to Be Rich Working Two Days a Week

“This book takes you on a success journey like no other. It’s an inspirational read that is packed with practical information that you can apply to your life right now. Well done Rhondalynn.”
Dale Beaumont
Creator of the Secrets Exposed book series

“Thanks, Rhondalynn, for bringing a bold, new perspective to the wilderness of our lives. A cleansing breeze like this comes along only every few decades. Kudos for showing us the simple truth about who we are and how to arrive at who we are meant to be.”
Andrew Griffiths
International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Consultant
101 Series of Business Building Books

“A clear-eyed look at what works for getting what you want in your life, told by someone who discovered and used each step to make her way through an earth-shattering tragedy.”
Grant Thomas
CEO, Clear Holdings

“Rhondalynn’s exceptional journey will provide readers with insights from her life’s experiences that are sure to benefit many.”
Michael Reed
CEO Jetset Travelworld Limited

“Rhondalynn has authored her journey of discovery with great courage – gently, openly and honestly. You can’t afford not to know this information. I think this book should be required reading in every school in the country – these insights highlight the core skills that guarantee success and greatness.”
Joane Goulding, LMASCH., LMCCH. Hypnotherapist – Training – Education
Director of ‘The Goulding Institute’, Creator and published author SleepTalk™ (2005)
Director of the ‘Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science’. (1980 – 2001)

“Rhondalynn has a tremendous outlook life. Her balanced view of human nature and its inner workings, combined with a great sense of humour, has made Rhondalynn a person that I immensely proud to know. Her drive, determination and passion are the main elements that make Rhondalynn a great author, speaker and motivator. Buy this book – her journey will inspire you!”

Kevin Maddox

“Rhondalynn is a powerful public speaker, author and motivator with an amazing ability to connect with people. Her philosophy is to give extra value to everyone, whether they be colleagues or clients – and she delivers every time! Her knowledge and experience in business, communication, influence and the science of the mind makes Rhondalynn the ‘go to’ person for anyone serious about transformation and acceleration of their business or personal life. The material in this book is a proverbial gold mine.”
Dr. Martin Preston
ActionCOACH and Consultant Psychiatrist

“I have known Rhondalynn for many years – over time I have grown to understand the diversity, depth and degree of her abilities. She is truly a remarkable business woman and problem solver. I am a better person and business man for knowing her and I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to take their results and lives to the next level.”
Craig Missell
Owner, Match2 Personnel

“I’ve never met anyone as passionate, committed, and authentic as Rhondalynn. She’s one of the best! Doing what it takes to make our world and business communities more successful, powerful, and authentic.”
Christopher Steely
Director of Training & Support, ActionCOACH