The 1 Simple Question Standing Between You and Your Success

Do you find yourself asking for THIS and THAT with the Law of Attraction... and not getting the results that you want? The secret to manifesting your desires may be as simple as asking the right question... The critical question to ask is: WHY do you want the (desire)? Do you believe that getting it will mean that you'll finally have (the real result you desire)? Is having the (real result) the driving force of you getting the (desire), or is there a much deeper reason a (deeper meaning)? For example let’s use a profession like coaching – you can insert any job or profession that interests you. WHY do you want to be a coach? Do you believe that being a coach intrinsically means you'll make more money, have more flexibility, be in charge of your own destiny, be happier or have more satisfaction? Is having a huge bank account the driving force behind coaching or is it passion for helping others and confronting new challenges everyday that fulfills you? You may want the coaching business, to get money, prestige, fame or variety... You may want to coach for the simple pleasure of helping others. You may want to coach to fulfill your own desire to be needed, listened to, respected or admired. More likely, you may want all of your desires fulfilled so that you can FINALLY BE HAPPY. Therefore, does being a coach (or any other job or profession) = happiness? For some it may....but for MOST it’s just barely enough motivation to make you get off the couch in the morning and make something happen. The end result HAPPINESS is so intangible, seemingly elusive and far out in the distance. It just doesn’t seem real because it is something that we are constantly striving towards but that we never truly seem to reach. In my experience, having the result or desire of happiness, fulfillment or success (or substitute any state of mind that you like) is not enough to drive you toward your goals. Happiness, success and peace are in the here and now. They are not an end destination – something that you drive towards or “try” to obtain. No matter how many goals you set and hours that you work, you will never end up at the train station of happiness or success. You need to get on the train of happiness or success now and see where it leads you. Happiness and success are who you are already – or at the very least, who you are capable of being right now if you choose to be. Therefore, they can’t possibly be something that motivates you to achieve your goals. If you are currently struggling with a goal or a dream that is not manifesting, I want you to stop right now, sit down and examine what the real and deeper meaning is for you. The real “WHY” that you want to have a result or an outcome. Once you connect to this real WHY – and you will know it when you have stated it because you will connect to some REAL EMOTION - that will be the moment when the tires hit the pavement and you begin to get real traction and momentum towards achieving your goal(s). From my own experience I can tell you that writing and publishing a book is not easy. If I simply wanted to have happiness or to make a few dollars selling the book, it simply would not have been enough to keep me moving forward when things got tough. For me, the driving force behind On The Shoulders of Giants has always been 2 THINGS (1) I want for my mother’s life to have meant something and for her love and kindness to live on forever and (2) I want to be in a position to financially support children from disadvantaged backgrounds to have the food, clothing, supplies and support that they need to stay in school. Now I don’t know what the real WHY will be for you....but I do know that when you find it, you will become UNSTOPPABLE and your success will become INEVITABLE!

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